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A comprehensive range of robust and reliable recruitment solutions.
International banking and finance businesses regularly face volleys of mission critical challenges and rely on any number of different people at various stages in their career to help meet those demands. So you are going to need a variety of employment options which is why we have developed a comprehensive range of services offering extremely robust and reliable recruitment solutions.

Recruiting permanent staff
How permanent would you like your permanent candidates to be? Insight and hands on experience of banking and finance helps form our highly disciplined processes. This ensures our candidates are as enduring and as durable as necessary. We conduct very thorough interviews with candidates to confirm their suitability before you see a shortlist. We will then help manage the entire process through interviews to acceptance and start date for you. Even as the candidate is settling in, we are there for you both, offering support and advice as needed. Our outstanding insight into this sector and first class service levels means we have fantastic retention rates. Even so, our generous rebate and replacement service are also available should you need it.

Recruiting temporary staff
Whenever you need to pull in specific skills to complete short or long term objectives, Barbara Houghton Associates are on hand to find you the best candidate for the role. All candidates we propose will have relevant credentials and successful experience of delivering at the level you are looking for. If we do not have anyone suitable currently available, we will do our very best to find them. Remuneration? Fees are set on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. You will only be invoiced for work completed, based on timesheets you have signed.

Recruiting fixed term contractors
Additionally, if you have a fixed term contract that needs servicing, Barbara Houghton Associates will also be delighted to help. You only have to pay us a one off fee for finding the candidate for you and then they would be paid through your payroll, with the usual employee benefits. However, they can often be paid on our payroll if that suits you best.

Multiple contractor savings
Cut your direct costs by up to one third by placing a number of contractors simultaneously through Barbara Houghton Associates.

Flexible invoicing
Whether it is one large invoice or a series of individual invoices required, your accounts department can receive them in the way that suits them best.

Temporary to Permanent
Hiring temporary staff allows companies and workers to size each other up without major commitment. You may have a permanent role that has not yet fully materialised, or you would simply prefer a safe and reliable way of finding the right person for the job. You can therefore employ staff on a temporary basis - on our payroll if you prefer - before offering them a long term opening.

Recruiting interim personnel
We have a number of highly qualified specialists on our books that have a great deal of experience assuming the management of departments or taking on projects already underway. They will quickly fill unexpected gaps in resource, maintain continuity and help keep things on schedule. Whenever needed, Barbara Houghton Associates can make such personnel available, paying any salaries and invoicing you based on timesheets you have authorised.

Campaign management and advertising
Clearly, by accessing the thousands of high quality personnel on our database, you can find an ideal candidate in 30 minutes, instead of 30 days plus. However, whenever you need to advertise your positions, our insight and experience can help you devise the ideal approach. We will source the creative talent needed to produce the campaign and place the adverts.

Skills and psychometric testing
Not every psychometric test can be recommended to give robust selection criteria. We can, however, implement a range of highly reliable tests. You will get a good indication of how best to manage your candidates, or how they might fit into your existing team. Shorten your recruitment process with our comprehensive skills tests and thorough assessments - and get all the supporting data you need to make smart choices that will build the best shortlist for interview.

Need to check how we're doing in black and white? You can receive up to date reports tracking all the details of our partnership provided by our innovative, highly specialised bespoke software system, . The data is straightforward to interpret and you can receive your report as often as you feel necessary. We are constantly monitoring the levels of service that we provide, so we are comfortable with the idea of you doing the same.

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