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If you are new to Barbara Houghton Associates, you may not be familiar with the comprehensive range of outstanding candidates we have to offer. So use this feature to get a broader idea of the scope and quality of banking and finance candidates we place across London for companies like yours.

To begin, select the job type from the drop down box below,then click the Search now button. You will then be presented with a selection of anonymous candidate summaries matching your search criteria. You can then click the 'see full details' link for any candidates you are interested in. If you are still interested in a candidate after viewing the full details click on the 'request details' link, otherwise click on the 'return to list' link. When you have selected all the candidates you are interested in click on the 'Request Details' button on the right hand side. After you fill in your details and click the 'Request details' button a consultant will contact you to discuss your needs and provide any further information.

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